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  Vintage Logs and Lumber you may need
       for that special restoration project!


   Old Barn Logs, circa late 1700's - early 1800's 

   Good Condition!



    Reclaimed wood from an old farmhouse in Gettysburg

         for restoration purposes.  


    3 - 5' logs

   3 - 6' logs 

   3 - 7' logs 

   W 12" x H 7" 






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Reclaimed hand hewn building logs are being used in many custom homes to add unique warmth and a sense of history that only reclaimed wood can bring. 




          Individually priced at $100, 2 or more  $75.00 each,

                    or Purchase whole lot for $750.00





             Old Door Frame from the Historic Tate Farm 


         Measures:  80" X 44"  Wood on backside of frame.    






  ~ Civil War Era Surgical Kit ~ 


This kit was made in Paris and was a "top of the line" surgical kit in the 1800's, probably belonging to a high ranking officer's surgeon. 

We purchased the kit from a lady in Maine who bought it at an estate auction.  

 The walnut case is dovetailed and has cut outs for each instrument.  

 The are two trays of tools with one fitting on top of the other. 

 There is a keyed lock and one handle on the end for carrying in the field. The key is missing.

 The case measures 16 1/2" by  9" by 3." 

 This kit is almost a complete set and is one of the best Civil War era surgeon's kits we've ever seen! 

 The tools and box are marked "Collin."

 This French set is circa 1880-1890. It has instruments from the post-sterilization era.







    NEW/IMG_3726.JPG  NEW/IMG_3727.JPG 

   NEW/IMG_3728.JPG  NEW/IMG_3729.JPG  

   NEW/IMG_3730.JPG  NEW/IMG_3731.JPG

    NEW/IMG_3732.JPG  NEW/IMG_3734.JPG 



                                                     Price:  $495.00 











 Vintage and Antique Doors can be incorporated into newer homes to create signature statements.






                     Old Window Frame / Original Hardware Attached  

                                       W 62" X H 46"    





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