Hunterstown ...Then and Now

All Photos Shown On This Page Curtesy Of Hunterstown Historical Society.

"Here you can’t help but feel the heart beat
of the past and imagine those
who walked and rode
these once dusty roads."

                               Linda Cleveland, Historian

Hunterstown, PA.

Hunterstown Historic District, in Adams County, has been  placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Situated about 4 miles northeast of Gettysburg, the district was cited as an example of an early 19th century post village.

The Jacob Grass Hotel

"Hotel Hunterstown", now known as
"The Jacob Grass Hotel".
The hotel was used as Judson Kilpatrick's
headquarters during
the Battle of Hunterstown,
July 2nd, 1863.
It was in this very hotel
that General George Armstrong Custer
received his orders "to charge"
the Confederate line on
Hunterstown Road.

The Reliance Mine and Milling Company

This old photo of the Reliance Mining and Milling Company gold mine in
Hunterstown shows Paris Erb outside his business establishment.
It has been said the streets of Hunterstown "are paved with gold."

"York Street"
Hunterstown, PA.

Hunterstown, formerly called Woodstock, is one of the oldest towns in the country. It was settled in 1741 by David Hunter, a Revolutionary War soldier, for whom the town was named.

The Tate Farm Blacksmith Shop
Where George Wahington stopped in October of 1794.

"There are many other historical points
to make about Hunterstown such as
its early status as a rival with Gettysburg for the county seat,
a stopping point for President George Washington
during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794,
an important early crossroads town,
and site of a substantial Confederate hospital."
Troy Harman,
Park Ranger and Historian

Goldsborough Sanitarium
Hunterstown, PA.

The Old Red Bridge
Hunterstown, PA.

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