Hunterstown ...Then and Now

The Jacob Grass Hotel

Bullet still visible in front door.

~ 2013 ~

This two-story brick hotel served as headquarters for the Union Army
during The Battle of Hunterstown, Gettysburg Campaign, July 2nd, 1863.
It was in this very hotel that Brigadier George Armstrong Custer
received orders to charge the Confederate line on Hunterstown Road.
After the battle as the largest hospital in town.

November, 2007
Ron Myers, Owner, Roger & Laurie Harding, Chuck Teague, Pres, HGAC, Mike Vallone, Battlefield Guide


Historic Marker provided by Historic Gettysburg-Adams County

Historic Grass Hotel ornament $8.00

Great Grandfather of Anderson Cooper
Judson Kilpatrick, Union Cavalry Commander

The Jacob Grass Hotel....
       Union Headquarters for
Judson Kilpatrick during
     The Battle of Hunterstown,
         Gettysburg Campaign
               July 2nd, 1863
           The Jacob Grass Hotel was also
        used as a hospital after the
     battle and recently received a
    hospital sign thanks to the folks
Historic Gettysburg-Adams County.

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Ron Myers, assistant manager at the Dobbin House.

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