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December, 2010
at The Historic Tate Farm

Pictured above.....Mrs. Linda Cleveland, local historian
Joe Matthews, president HHS
Mrs. Linda Cleveland, lifelong Adams County resident, recently was awarded "Historian of the Year-2010" by Hunterstown Historical Society for her outstanding contribution to the local history both of Hunterstown and the nearby communities.
Mrs. Cleveland has penned many an article on the original residents of the small, but very historic village of Hunterstown. Some of her most noted works are the history of the village of Hunterstown, an account of the chair makers of early Hunterstown, and the Eddie Plank story.
Mrs. Cleveland's attention to detail, her in depth research, and her collaboration with other local historians
has earned her this noted 2010 honorary position from the HHS.
Mrs. Cleveland has also been noted for the first ever flag pole
dedication program honoring all of Hunterstown's veteran's,
many of whom personally stated that they had never been honored for their military service previously.
 This program has now become an annual event held on Veteran's Day at the Cornerstone Worship Center in Hunterstown.
Mrs. Cleveland, along with other HHS members, personally interviewed all the lifetime residents of Hunterstown
in order to preserve their personal recollections of growing up in the town.
An annual event is held ever year at The Historic Tate Farm
honoring the Battle of Hunterstown, July 2, 1863,
part of the Gettysburg Campaign. 
The 7th annual walking tour and pig roast is slated for early July.
Mrs. Cleveland currently lives in Gettysburg with her husband Bob.
Many of her articles and contributions to Hunterstown's rich history
may be found at
Those who would like to contact Linda with additional stories,
may email her at
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