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"Ranger Troy Harman and LBG Mike Vallone
stirred up some controversy
a couple years ago when they speculated that Custer's foray
from Hunterstown into the left rear
of the Confederates was not accidental
but part of a larger tactical plan to thwart Rebel action."
"It sure seems to me likely that Custer was not simply "out there patrolling"
and just happened upon elements of the enemy forces.
And it is also evidence that cavalry action between Custer and Stuart
was integrally related to the larger battle and not isolated from it.
My thoughts, anyway."
Chuck Teague,
                                                               as posted "militaryhistoryonline"...

Map courtesy of GBLBG Mike Vallone
July 2nd, 1863

"The day before this happened, when we returned
to the vicinity of Gettysburg, near a place called Hunterstown, I think,
our command had a thrilling experience and while charging a body
of cavalry down a lane leading by a barn, ran into an ambuscade of men posted
in the (Felty) barn who dealt death and destruction upon us.
Within five minutes some four or five officers were killed and wounded
and about fifteen men were slain or wounded. "

Sketch of Cobb Legion Cavalry
And Some Incidents and Scenes Remembered.


Custer at Hunterstown...Steve Alexander

from the Custer archives

“The [Civil] war “proved Custer was simply the greatest cavalry tactician of the Union Army, perhaps the greatest of either army North or South.

The fame and rewards he gained were more than earned by not just his boldness and courage but his military acuity.”


~ Stephen Budiansky

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"Cavalry on the Roads to Gettysburg"
by George A. Rummel III

"After a brief meeting with Kilpatrick
(in the Grass Hotel),
Custer returned to Colonel Gray
and the 6th Michigan Cavalry
with orders
to immediately attack the Confederate troops
seen along the road near the Gilbert farm."
                                                                                p. 346
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"Cobb's Legion was the military group that the legendary "Ashley Wilkes"
was a member of in the great movie
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